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Liberating & Integrating Psyche, Soma, and Soul

An arm with a loose fitted back garment brushes their hand through wheat-like plants.

It is your birthright to fully inhabit your body.

Yet trauma and oppression often push us out of our bodies and out of the present moment. And this is the very place where we can begin - reclaiming our bodies and in turn reclaiming our minds and souls.

your guide in somatic reclamation

Headshot of Cacky Mellor softly smiling.

Hi there! I'm Dr. Cacky and I have spent over 15 years studying the power of words on the body, mind, soul, and society. In my undergrad, I studied art therapy and holistic psychology at Lesley University. After which I received my Masters of Education in art-based activism and social entrepreneurship from Lesley's Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences.


While adjunct teaching and deepening my embodied practice, I earned my PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

I have cultivated a diverse somatic toolkit to support client's on their healing journey. I am a Master Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, Somatic Experiencing© Practitioner, and RYT-500. Additionally, I am an experienced Reiki Master practitioner and have done training in energy work, embodied social justice, EFT, NLP, and somatic attachment therapy. I am also a non-denominational reverend. I draw from my eclectic background to meet each client's unique needs and goals.


My current work is centered around the internalization of language, narrative, and trauma on a somatic level and how it affects interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. I am deeply passionate about social justice, the arts, intergenerational trauma, and somatics. 


I live in the Boston area with my beloved partner and cat. 

My Current Offerings

Hands holding a blue mug filled with coffee on top of a pink cloth napkin. The pink napkin is on top of a grey and white striped cloth.

Somatic Experiencing works to discharge trauma through the body to restore natural balance without retraumatizing the individual.

12 rocks piled on top of one another in size order(biggest on the bottom, and smallest on the top). Out of focus in the background is a beautiful orange sunset.

Drawing from the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and teachings, we can explore this practice together.

The palm of a hand facing up to catch a falling small white feather.

Receive Universal Life Force Energy where it is most needed in your body, mind, and soul through a reiki session with me.

Three people sitting at a coffee shop. Two are smilng, and one is looking at their device. The hands of a fourth person are in the right corner, holding a to-go coffee cup.

A gathering of upcoming workshops and community offerings

A blue-ish black clear sky with a thin crescent moon in the center.

Curious about the mysteries of your dreams? Let's dive into the medicine they hold together!

I've done lots of body work and talk therapy before, but the insights I got with Cacky were like nothing I've experienced before. The memories held in the cells of my body, especially my arms and hands, became conscious to me.


Like I could finally understand how my body felt about the decisions my brain was making.


And my body was wise. I should be trusting my body more. Thank you Cacky for enabling these insights, I don't think I could have gotten them any other way!

- Whitney, CT, USA

client love note


As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I meet the high Standards of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics.  For more information visit

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