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Top of clouds, almost looking like a storm is coming. Darker on the left and lighter on the right. Blue sky surrounds the cloud.


60-minute 1:1 Session

Dreams are an invitation from our unconscious for transformative learning and healing. I believe dreams hold powerful medicine for the wellness of individuals and society. Mainstream society has largely tried to dismiss the ancient art of dreamwork, however, dreams have the power to bridge the conscious and the unconscious realms, seen & unseen worlds. 

We can feel captured by a dream that stays with us long after we have awakened, feeling the vivid imagery and sensations even days later. Having an experienced dream worker to help guide and facilitate the process can provide a container to deepen and accelerate the exploration and integration of dream imagery.

To work with dreams, I often employ the four A’s of dreamwork- association, amplification, archetypes, and animation (Aizenstat, 2009) while paying special attention to the somatics and embodied experience of the dream to guide us throughout the process.

During this session, we will dive into your dreams together. To prepare you may want to begin by keeping a dream journal and make notes of your dreams each morning or memorable dreams you have had in the past. You do not necessarily have to remember the whole dream, we can work with part of a dream.

A dreamwork session will begin with a grounding process. I have a variety of tools we can use to explore your dreams and unpack the layers of meaning. You will have ample time to ask questions during the session.


Please kindly inquire regarding payment. Payment is accepted by Venmo or Paypal.

If you have any questions that I have not covered here or if you are interested in booking a dreamwork session with me, please kindly use the contact form here.

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