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Welcome, wonderful souls! Thank you for exploring my workshop offerings. While there are no upcoming workshops at the moment, feel free to browse through some of the past workshops listed below for inspiration!

Past Retreat:

Weekend Retreat at Copper Beech Institute with Cacky Mellor and Elana Kaufman 
February 09, 2024 05:00 PM - February 11, 2024 01:00 PM

This is an opportunity to rest and nourish the depths of your mind, body, and soul in community. Join us on this retreat where we will cultivate a sacred space of nourishment and replenishment.

Together we will explore restorative self-care practices, such as; restorative yoga, self-massage, kirtan and sacred song, creative expression, introduction to medicinal tea ceremony, optional reiki, community conversation, and connection. We promise there will be lots of play and laughter along the way! Come fill your cup!

Together we will learn techniques including: 
- Restorative Yoga
- Expressive Arts
- Somatic Experiencing techniques such as orientation, resourcing, titration, and pendulation
- Embodied Journaling practice
- Play!
- Tea Ceremony

Skills that we will develop together:  
- The ongoing practice of rest -Releasing guilt and shame around self-care
- Holistic awareness of cultivating balance in your daily life
- Expanding our self-care skills and practices

Listen to Cacky and Elana discuss this past retreat!

Photos from Past Retreats

what clients are saying about SE

As someone who’s been to a number talk therapists and found little benefit, I was skeptical of any other sort of therapy.


However, my stress and anxiety can grow out of control sometimes and I had faith that Cacky could help. I worked with Cacky on specific situations in my life including IBS and frustration with my career.


Cacky was amazing and catered to the scenarios and issues I presented to her. I was relieved to realize that Cacky’s approach is much different from talk therapy. It’s difficult to explain how it works exactly but it’s much more focused on the body and the body’s reaction to your thoughts and feelings.


Sure enough, after only one session with Cacky, I had the confidence at work that I had been looking for and I was promoted to a new position within a few weeks.


I know this sounds cheesy but Cacky truly knows what she’s doing and she can help you.

-Emma, CT, USA


I’ve been through more than a handful of different approaches to talk therapy, but nothing as powerful as even a single SE session.


I’ve gone into each session composed and disconnected from my emotional and physical self, just from the rush of life, sure that I’ll be in the same state when we wrap up.


Each session though, I’ve delved viscerally into body and mind into depths I didn’t even know were there and each time it has surprised and recentered me in an incredibly powerful way.


If you have the opportunity to engage in an SE session with Cacky and entrust yourself to her kind, present, empathic guidance, you will without a doubt deepen the experience of your personal growth and your mind/body connection.


- Tessa, CT, USA

If you have any questions or if you are interested in booking a somatic experiencing session with me, please kindly use the contact form here.

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