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Embodiment: Your Birthright

photo credit: Tigz Rice

It is your birthright to fully inhabit your body.

Shame and oppression are traumatic. Trauma pushes us out of our bodies and out of the present moment. One of the foundational pieces of this work begins in the body—reclaiming our body, mind, and soul. Coming into this present moment as much as it feels safe to do so.

Oppression strips us of inhabiting our bodies. Strips us of our humanness, our agency. Oppression colonizes our body, mind, and soul and it takes active conscious ongoing work to decolonize our bodies.

That does not mean this work is easy. It can be incredibly painful and challenging, especially when you have had experiences where it wasn’t/isn’t safe to be in your body. I deeply honor and respect that. I invite you to access the relative safety available to you.

Whatever you have had to do to cope and survive to this point is adaptive and resilient and served you at one point. This is not about a “where you are supposed to be” or that you need anything to change or be “fixed.”

Thank you for getting to this moment. If it feels safe enough to do so, how do we begin to expand your tool box of resources to give you greater access to your body and agency?

This is going to look very different to different people and in different moments.

I invite and encourage humble, reverent curiosity about what works for you in this moment and to play with that.

The more you are able to inhabit your body and the present moment, the more resources you have to navigate stress and uncertainty, serve your family and community, and work to change oppressive systems.

I invite you to actively foster embodied capacity to be a little more present to better be able to expand and explore more choices in each moment as much as it feels relatively safe to do so.

How do we access a little bit more choice/agency. Even just 1% more. We don’t need to change all at once. How can we create just a little bit more spaciousness? A little more room to breathe?

I would be honored to be of support in this process for you. DM me for more info.

Take sweet, gentle care of yourself, your community today.


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